Thursday, September 12, 2013

Sample Meal Plan - 4 Weeks Out!

I've received a number of requests for my meal plans recently, so here goes! See below for a typical day....I eat every 2-3 hours (generally at 7, 10, 12:30, 3, 5 & 7), and drink 1+ gallon of water per day.  I am 4 weeks out from my next NPC Figure Competition, so my goal now is to gain as much muscle as possible in the next month.  I am 5'2", 120 lbs, and about 12-13% body fat, so I don't need to drop much fat (if any) before competing again.

Please also note that I am NOT a dietician or nutritionist.  Competing and eating a clean vegan diet are hobbies for me, and I'm happy to share what has worked, but I recommend that you work with a nutritionist or trainer to develop the best plan for you.

My current daily macronutrient goals are:
  • 1,600 calories
    • 50% from PROTEIN = 800 calories = 200 grams
    • 35% from COMPLEX CARBS = 560 calories = 140 grams
    • 15% from HEALTHY FATS = 240 calories = 26 grams

My carbs were a little high today, but overall I was pretty close to goal!

MEAL 1: Tofu-veggie scramble on gluten-free (GF) toast, topped with a salsa/hemp protein combo.
MEAL 2: Quinoa mixed with steamed asparagus and seitan
MEAL 3: Protein shake with veggies and hemp-dip
MEAL 4: Spinach topped with Mexican Lightlife
MEAL 5: Protein shake with rice cakes topped with PB2
MEAL 6: Spaghetti Squash Delight (recipe coming soon!)

I'll post a few more over the upcoming days!


  1. Thank you for posting! Very insightful. I don't know how I missed this post before. (This is SweetPotatoHealth from instagram and MyFitnessPal) My question is: do you take into account your exercise for the day and adjust your calorie intake accordingly? Or are you set at this intake, regardless of your workout that day?

    1. I don't track my exercise on MFP at all, and really don't change my caloric intake much based on exercise. BUT on leg day I may add in a few extra carbs.... And any day, if I'm hungry, then I eat more!